Godišnjak is a scientific journal for academic workers and researchers, and its primary fields are religious studies and theology, philosophy, and cultural studies. One of Godišnjak’s main goals is to promote theology in the world of science, which is why our Editorial Board encourages an interdisciplinary approach that enables originality and innovation. The quality of published materials is guaranteed by a double-blind peer review conducted by esteemed academics from appropriate scientific fields. The papers are published under the following categories: original scientific paper, scientific review, preliminary communication, and professional paper.

Theology is the primary field of our journal and we publish papers from various theological disciplines: Biblical studies, systematic theology, Church history, practical theology, Church art, etc. Due to historical connections between theology and philosophy, Godišnjak also published papers from the field of religious philosophy. Since the relationship between religion and culture is of special importance for theology, especially for systematic and practical theology, Godišnjak publishes papers from the field of cultural studies that deal with certain theological issues. Besides these fields, Godišnjak accepts papers from other humanities and social sciences if their research contributes to the dialogue between theology and science.