ISSN: 2303-4513 / eISSN: 2490-3221 / DOI prefix: 10.7251


Publisher: Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Saint Basil of Ostrog” in Foča, University of East Sarajevo (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Godišnjak is a scientific journal for religious studies and theology, philosophy, and cultural studies, published by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Saint Basil of Ostrog” in Foča. Godišnjak is an annual publication that practices double-blind peer review and endorses open access policy.


Publishing history


Godišnjak publishes annual issues regularly since 2002 when it was founded as a scientific journal of the Theological Academy of Saint Basil of Ostrog (later renamed to Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Saint Basil of Ostrog”). Since its foundation, the journal was intended to be the interdisciplinary publication for theology and humanities, publishing papers in Serbian and other languages.

Academic Editorial Board, as well as all editors-in-chief (Dimitrije Kalezić, Zdravko Peno, Vladislav Topalović, Nenad Tupeša, Darko Đogo), constantly strived to improve the journal’s quality. Following the instructions of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Republika Srpska, as well as the leading trends in the world of international scientific journals, Godišnjak has become a respectable scientific publication that follows all the norms of academic ethics, which guarantees theological and scientific qualities of our journal.

Having more than 20 issues and an academic Editorial Board that includes esteemed academics from several countries (Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, and Germany), Godišnjak continues to improve its quality and adopt the highest standards of international scientific publications.

Starting from No. 20 (2021), the Editorial Board has modified the journal’s policies and publishing ethics in order to adopt the highest standards of leading academic journal indexes, such as ERIH PLUS and DOAJ. We advise all potential authors to read Author Guidelines and other relevant texts carefully in order to familiarize themselves with our policies, as well as with their rights and responsibilities.


Godišnjak does not charge any fees for processing papers (APC) and does not support any kind of advertising on its website besides reporting on the new publications of our publisher – the Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Saint Basil of Ostrog”.